How to Afford Kids - Food, Shelter, Clothing, & Everything Else (including college!!) {Episode 25}

July 02, 2019
We both often get asked "How do you afford all those kids!"  This week we're sharing tons of tips and advice on exatly how we make ends meet with large families.  We've divided this topic into 4 parts; food, shelter, clothing and everything else including college expenses. Mentioned in this episode: #3 in Top 15 Christian Mom Podcast list on Feedspot Sweet Peas meal...
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Loneliness in Motherhood: Prevention, Solutions and Helping Others {Episode 24}

June 25, 2019
If you're a mom, you're probably no stranger to loneliness. Whether it's after quitting your full-time job, having a new baby, moving to a new city or just the daily stress of caring for multiple small children, being a mom is often a lonely job. Join us as we talk about why moms so often encounter loneliness, how to prevent and overcome the isolation of staying home with children and how to reach out to other moms around us who might be struggling. Bonnie's recommendation:
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Kids & Toy Management {Episode 23}

June 18, 2019
Where there are kids, there are toys!  And they can accumulate quickly, so today's episode is all about managing those toys.  The recent Mario Kondo craze and our own desires to bring some order to the toy chaos  prompted us to share our thoughts and systems on keeping the toys corralled.   Bonnie recommends: Clutter Free with Kids by Joshua Becker Audrey recomm...
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Traveling with Kids {Episode 22}

June 11, 2019
It's summer time and vacations are upon us! Traveling with kids isn't always easy or stress-free but this episode includes some tried and true tips for you to get the most out of traveling with toddlers, teens and everyone in between. Whether you're traveling via car or plane, staying in Airbnb's or hotels, there's something in this episode to help everyone better enjoy the magical chaos that is vacationing with the whole family! Audrey's Recommendations: 
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Breastfeeding: Advice, Tips, Weaning & Resources {Episode 21}

June 04, 2019
Bonnie and Audrey tackle the topic of breastfeeding in today's episode.  With a combined total of 23+ years of experience, they cover advantages of breastfeeding, difficulties in breastfeeding, breastfeeding twins, extended breastfeeding and tip and resources.  Oh, and don't miss the hilarious outtake at the very end!  Bonnie recommends: football hold...
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