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Join Audrey and Bonnie, homeschooling moms to a combined total of 19 children, as they explore the joyfully chaotic side of motherhood including managing your own expectations and parenting intentionally. Whether sharing tips for loving your body after pregnancy, setting personal goals amidst the chaos of childrearing or discussing the pros and cons of breastfeeding, these experienced moms bring both wisdom and hilarity to motherhood.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Inspired Motherhood {Episode 157}

    In this episode, Bonnie and Audrey dive into inspired parenting.  They dig into how and where they find inspiration as mothers and how they seek to inspire their own children.  Also, they share personal experiences of what it looks like when they are inspired and when they are not!  A ...


  2. What I'd Tell A Younger Me About BABIES {Episode 156}

    Audrey and Bonnie have a combined total of 40+ years of parenting experience which means that they often wish they could travel back in time and redo some of their early parenting years!  But rather than looking back in regret, we're choosing to share our reflections with all of you in ...


  3. Healthy Mindset for Marriage {Episode 155}

    Quick check: what do you think about marriage?  In the next episode in their marriage series, Bonnie & Audrey share 3 areas of focus and 3 tips for improving your mindset surrounding marriage.  Your thoughts about marriage affect your feelings about marriage, so it's really important to get this one ...


  4. Photo Organization for Busy Moms {Episode 154}

    Organizing and storing the photos, videos and memories of your family is just one MORE thing on our list of to-do's lurking in the background of our consciousness, right? It doesn't have to be that way! Bonnie and Audrey are breaking down their own simple tips for saving their family's visual ...


  5. Grace Vs Excuse {Episode 153}

    One of our favorite episodes of all time is back today to help you understand the difference between showing ourselves grace and making excuses for when we're feeling a bit lazy. Motherhood can be a strange dichotomy of both utter exhaustion and total boredom and so it's important to understand when ...