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Join Audrey and Bonnie, homeschooling moms to a combined total of 19 children, as they explore the joyfully chaotic side of motherhood including managing your own expectations and parenting intentionally. Whether sharing tips for loving your body after pregnancy, setting personal goals amidst the chaos of childrearing or discussing the pros and cons of breastfeeding, these experienced moms bring both wisdom and hilarity to motherhood.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Kids and a New Sibling {Episode 5}

    New baby on the way?  In this episode we discuss so many ways to get your other child or children ready for the new baby.  We cover preparing the former baby for the new baby, preparing older children for the new baby, preparing kids for when you are away giving ...


  2. Your Own Brand of Motherhood {Episode 4}

    Today's episode is just the encouragement you need to let go of mom guilt, others' expectations of you and all your preconceived notions of what motherhood should look like. Join us as we explore the idea that both our strengths and our weaknesses are what make up the perfect mother ...


  3. When You Wanna Quit {Episode 3}

    It may sound drastic, but have you ever wanted to quit being a mom and never look back? We have. It's not a fun or popular thing to admit but we want to make sure that any other moms out there who are struggling know they're not alone! Motherhood is ...


  4. Kids and Chores {Episode 2}

    Chores!!!  Does any kid (or mom!) enjoy them?  In this episode, we discuss 3 reasons WHY it's beneficial for kids to do chores.  We also have helpful suggestions for age appropriate chores and a printable for you.  Last of all we answer that burning question: money for chores or not? Show ...


  5. Introduction {Episode 1}

    Welcome to Outnumbered! We're so glad you're here.We're your hosts, Bonnie and Audrey and we're EACH moms to 8 children, and both expecting our 9th! We run crazy, insane households but we really enjoy our callings as mothers and can't wait to help you better enjoy yours. With ...