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Join Audrey and Bonnie, homeschooling moms to a combined total of 19 children, as they explore the joyfully chaotic side of motherhood including managing your own expectations and parenting intentionally. Whether sharing tips for loving your body after pregnancy, setting personal goals amidst the chaos of childrearing or discussing the pros and cons of breastfeeding, these experienced moms bring both wisdom and hilarity to motherhood.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. How to Make and Keep Mom Friends {Episode 112}

    Let's face it, every mom needs friends but finding and keeping good ones is a lot harder with kids, homes, husbands and jobs to juggle!  We tackle this subject by sharing some of our favorite places and ways to meet new people, how to manage tricky or toxic relationships and how ...


  2. Creating a Beautiful Home on a Budget with Guests Kristi & Kelli of Lolly Jane {Episode 111}

    Bonnie and Audrey are thrilled to interview Kristi and Kelli, the DIY supermoms from Lolly Jane!  They share all their secrets to balancing home, business and a family.  Down to earth, vulnerable and just plain fun, you don't want to miss this fast paced conversation.  You'll walk away feeling empowered ...


  3. Managing Screen Time for Kids {Episode 110}

    We live in a wonderful yet terrifying age of ubiquitous digital screens! As hard as social media, internet usage and gaming can be for competent adults to manage, these tools are even more difficult to for our children's underdeveloped brains to use wisely. In this episode, Audrey and Bonnie talk about ...


  4. Teenagers: How not to hate these years! (Episode 109}

    Teenage years!  Something to really dread, right?  Bonnie and Audrey think otherwise, and in this episode, they share all their experience and tips for the teenage years.  We talk about looking at the past, present, and future during the teenage years (and before!)  And then we share our favorite things ...


  5. Overcoming Obstacles to Getting Dressed as a Mom {Episode 108}

    Most people might have a hard time understanding just how difficult it can be to get dressed and look cute every day as a stay-at-home mom! The obstacles seem insurmountable: an everchanging body, lack of time and money for clothes shopping, not knowing what flatters our bodies and making time ...