How to put any baby to sleep {Episode 106}

Episode 106 January 19, 2021 00:35:31
Outnumbered the Podcast
How to put any baby to sleep {Episode 106}

Show Notes

Do you have a baby keeping you up at night?  Just wishing you could get your rest too?  This episode is for you!  Bonnie and Audrey of Outnumbered the Podcast share their methods for nap and bed times.  They talk about how to get more sleep-resistant babies and children calmed down and sleeping.  And finally they share their thoughts on the "cry it out" method.

Mentioned in this episode:

Episode 8: Kids and Sleep

Episode 27: Mother's Intuition

Episode 60: Parasites

Bonnie's blog post on how to get a baby to sleep

Essential oils for sleep

Storks movie

Study on SIDS and co-sleeping

Setting up moms and babies to succeed at night time sleeping.


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