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How to Start Homeschooling {Episode 80}

Outnumbered the Podcast
How to Start Homeschooling {Episode 80}

Our regular listeners know that we're big fans of homeschooling, but we realize how daunting the idea can be for many of you. We've received countless requests for more insight in to the how and why of homeschooling and so we devoted this entire episode to getting you started!

We'll walk you through how to decide on an overarching goal for your homeschool, choosing the proper method that fits your goals and then outlining a structure that will allow for you and your family to meet those goals.

So, ditch the anxiety and join us for a fun discussion about starting to teach your little ones at home! We promise it will be worth it.

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Homeschooling Methods

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Homeschool Legal Defense Association

Bonnie's homeschool goals: Helping kids learn in unconventional ways, from classical literature, at their own pace and without unnecessary busywork
Audrey's homeschool motto: Learning to learn - Anything is possible once kids learn how to learn

The baby is the lesson reference


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