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Kids and Sleep {Episode 8}

Outnumbered the Podcast
Kids and Sleep {Episode 8}

Is there anything all moms need more than a good night's sleep? Bonnie and Audrey tackle the frustrating (and often polarizing) subject of how, where and when to get your kids to sleep! 
We're sharing what the experts say about how much sleep each kid needs, as well as sleeping arrangements, tools for dealing with kids who need less sleep and more.
Join us in helping more moms get the rest they desperately need!

Show notes: 

Amount of sleep needed for infants
Amount of sleep needed for k

Bonnie's post on getting a baby to sleep through the night
Bonnie's post on calming a cranky baby

Audrey's tutorial for making a swaddle blanket

Bonnie's recommendation for Velcro sleep swaddles

Bonnie's recommendation for sleep sacks

Audrey's recommended book The Family Bed

Audrey's recommended book Good Nights

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