Outnumbered the Podcast

Pregnancy Part 1{Episode 6}

Outnumbered the Podcast
Pregnancy Part 1{Episode 6}

The Outnumbered moms, Bonnie and Audrey have so much to say about pregnancy that this is part 1 of 2 episodes on the topic!  In part 1 we cover pre-pregnancy days, and the first trimester  and second trimester.   You can be sure that with all the kids we have, we know quite a few things to help you get through these pregnancy days.  From nausea to miscarriage, anxiety to cravings, exhaustion to weird things people say, we laugh our way through these topics in depth!

Show notes:

Audrey's recommended liquid prenatal vitamin

Bonnie's recommended gummy vitamins and liquid iron supplement 

Bonnie's blog post about dealing with nausea

Bonnie's maternity clothing recommendations from H&M.

Audrey's recommended maternity patterns

Maternity Sewing website

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