Sleep Logistics: Arrangements, troubleshooting and more! {Episode 135}

Episode 135 August 10, 2021 00:31:39
Outnumbered the Podcast
Sleep Logistics: Arrangements, troubleshooting and more! {Episode 135}

Show Notes

Sleep is wonderful and magical...and it's absolute torture when you (or your children) aren't getting enough! We're sharing our experience with sorting through the logistics of getting kids to sleep (and helping them stay that way!).

We're both pros at ensuring everyone gets plenty of sleep, even with lots of siblings and in very small spaces. If you're suffering from lack of sleep, we know there's something in here to help you!

Episode 21 - Breastfeeding

Episode 8 - Kids and Sleep

Episode 106 - Getting Babies to Sleep

Episode 60 - Parasites

White Noise Machine

Sleepytime Tea

Essential Oils for Sleep

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