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How to Find Time for Your Passions {Episode 16}

Ever feel like motherhood defines your life? Reclaim part of your identity by working on a business or a passion project!

Don't feel like you have the time? We're here to help!

We're sharing our tried and true tips for MAKING time for what you care about, regardless of if you have 1 child to care for or 13. We discuss how to change your outlook on time management, how to find techniques and routines to be more productive, create space to do what you love and give yourself permission to do it. We really hope you love this one!

Full notes to this episode (including lists of age-appropriate activities to keep kids occupied):
https://bonnieandblithe.com/alt-summit-time/ (password: alt table 2019)

Handout to evaluate where you might be wasting time: 


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