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Kids & Emergencies - Preparing for the unexpected {Episode 34}

We hope emergencies never happen, but we urge you to be prepared just in case.  Bonnie & Audrey discuss water safety, fire safety, local weather emergencies, seizures, and the contents of their first aid kits.  

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Audrey's First Aid Kit contains:

wound closure strips

hydrocolloid/gel bandages

arnica montana gel and homeopathic pills

ankle brace, elbow brace, wrist brace

cherry pits pillow

aloe vera

hydrogel burn bandages

calendula cream

antimicrobial silver gel

tobacco for bee stings

plantain salve recipe

lavender essential oil

beginning essential oil kit

Bonnie's 1st aid kit contains:

lidocaine spray

hydrogen peroxide

gauze pads and medical tape


ace bandages

ice packs

rice pack

silver cream for burns

starter home remedy essential oil kit

Doterra Breathe blend

Doterra digestzen blend

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