Picky Eaters {Episode 13}

April 09, 2019

You're in luck!  Today the Outnumbered Moms, Bonnie & Audrey, share their best tips for dealing with picky eaters.  From getting kids involved with food choices to helping them work through those times when the plate is in front of them and they just.won't.eat. you'll learn lots of tips and strategies for helping kids overcome those picky eating habits.

Show notes:

Audrey recommends: The Seven Silly Eaters book

Eat Your Way Around the World book

Animal Parade vitamins

Spirutein milkshake powder.

Bonnie recommends:

Bread and Jam for Frances book

Mrs Piggle Wiggle (the slow eater story might resonate!)

Green Smoothie Girl

Organic Kid Vitamins

Kid Vitamins with Probiotic

Plant-based protein powder

Simple Green Smoothies website

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