Mother's Day with Pulling Curls, Friday We're in Love and Delia Creates {Episode 17}

May 07, 2019
Happy Mother's Day!  We have a special gift for you this week.  In this episode, Bonnie and Audrey interview 3 supermoms, asking them questions, and then letting them turn the tables and ask a question themselves!   Find Hilary at Pulling Curls Hilary's book Family Routines Find Camille at
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How to Find Time for Your Passions {Episode 16}

April 30, 2019
Ever feel like motherhood defines your life? Reclaim part of your identity by working on a business or a passion project! Don't feel like you have the time? We're here to help! We're sharing our tried and true tips for MAKING time for what you care about, regardless of if you have 1 child to care for or 13. We discuss how to change your outlook on time management, how to find techniques and routines to be more productive, create space to do what you love and give yourself perm...
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Kids and Cell Phones {Episode 15}

April 23, 2019
Navigating the digital information age as a parent is tricky stuff! Today we're talking about cell phones and other devices in regards to our kids; specifically how to decide if they're ready, what to watch out for and how to help kids who may already be addicted to screens. Bonnie's blog post regarding protecting kids from pornography
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Special Q&A Episode {Episode 14}

April 16, 2019
Bonnie and Audrey take some time to answer many of the questions they frequently get asked about raising large families.  Enjoy this special questions and answer episode, content created just for you! Audrey recommends: Dumbing us Down by John Taylor Gatto
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Picky Eaters {Episode 13}

April 09, 2019
You're in luck!  Today the Outnumbered Moms, Bonnie & Audrey, share their best tips for dealing with picky eaters.  From getting kids involved with food choices to helping them work through those times when the plate is in front of them and they just.won' you'll learn lots of tips and strategies for helping kids overcome those picky eating habits. Show notes: Audrey recommends: The Seven Silly...
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